Scottish Mental Health Partnership consult on strategy

The Scottish Parliament was the venue for a very special event that our Scottish team were recently involved in organising.

Policy officer Aidan Reid took a lead role in shaping the event on behalf of the Scottish Mental Health Partnership – an alliance of 17 mental health organisations - which the College co-chair.

The reception, hosted by the Partnership was organised to launch a discussion around the Partnership’s position paper on the need for a new Mental Health Strategy and what that should look like.

The evening discussions provided much food for thought on how the mental health needs of Scots should be met both now and in the future.

Dr Linda Findlay, chair of RCPsych in Scotland also gave a keynote speech about the importance of lobbying for change.

The Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care, Kevin Stewart MSP was in attendance and confirmed that the Scottish Government will launch a consultation for a new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy in the coming weeks.

RCPsych in Scotland will now be engaging members and stakeholders to provide robust feedback on the draft Strategy, which is due for publication soon.

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