Please update your diversity data

The College is committed to understanding its membership to provide the best possible support and deliver on the commitments we have set out in our Equality Action Plan – to promote equality and equitable outcomes for College members, staff, mental health staff, and patients and carers.

To do this, we need to have detailed, accurate and current information.

Last year, the College reviewed the information it collects for members, exam candidates and staff.

Following this review, we have now added extra categories on to our membership records including gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability.

This will help us understand our current position relating to diversity of our membership, speakers, workforce and exam candidates and identify areas for future focus. Having more detailed data will also help us to better interrogate and apply other data.

We are therefore asking all members to update their form on our My Demographics page.

Please note that completion of all parts of the form is voluntary and each question has a ‘prefer not to say’ option.

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