Details published about our AGM

We have just published comprehensive details about the forthcoming College AGM, in Liverpool, on Tuesday 11 July, at which the Officers will put a proposal to extend voting rights to College Affiliates – who are mostly SAS doctors.

The detailed information about the AGM is contained on a comprehensive FAQs page on the College website – and, among other things, it explains how to register to attend the AGM, how to vote and who is eligible to vote under current College rules.

All the Officers – President Dr Adrian James, Registrar Dr Trudi Seneviratne, Dean Professor Subodh Dave and Treasurer John Crichton – are fully behind the proposal to extend voting rights to Affiliates, with the proposal having been signed off by the College Council and Trustee Board.

This year’s AGM will be the first to be held under a new rule – agreed at a Special Meeting last year – which enables the College to permanently hold hybrid AGMs and EGMs.

This means that members will be able to follow the AGM and vote on key issues from anywhere in world – either in the conference hall or online.

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