Dean and Treasurer election results

Professor Subodh Dave and Professor John Crichton were yesterday elected as the next Dean and Treasurer of the College respectively.

Voting opened in mid-December and closed at noon yesterday. Both elections used the Single Transferable Vote electoral system with multiple rounds where votes from eliminated candidates were re-cast to the remaining candidates.

Professor Dave beat fellow candidates Dr Chris O’Loughlin, Professor Nandini Chakraborty and Dr John Russell in a well-contested election for Dean, securing 43% of the vote in the first round, and 57% in the final round.

And Professor Crichton won an extremely close election against Dr Lenny Cornwall and Dr Anand Ramakrishnan, gaining 35.2% of the vote in the first round versus 34.7% for Dr Cornwall and 30.0% for Dr Ramakrishnan. In the second round, Professor Crichton won by 46.0% to 43.6% in a contest with Dr Cornwall.

Both will take up their new posts in the summer, taking over from current Dean Dr Kate Lovett and current Treasurer, Dr Jan Falkowski.

There were also parallel elections for Faculties, Divisions and Devolved Councils and the turnout in these was very healthy being substantially higher than equivalent elections held 12 months ago.

After the results were announced, both spoke enthusiastically about the new roles they would be taking up.

Dr Subodh Dave said:

"I am delighted to be elected as Dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
“Building on the solid foundations laid by Kate Lovett, our current Dean, I look forward to working with other College office bearers and the wider membership to translate College values into action.
“I wish to applaud all those who put themselves forward for the College elections- it is a demonstration of their passion and commitment.
“I am very grateful for the faith that you all have reposed in me. I promise to do everything I can to make our education and practice more person-centred; improving patient outcomes and the well-being of our workforce.”

Dr John Crichton, who is currently chair of RCPsych Scotland, said:

“It has been a great election and I am very grateful to Anand Ramakrishnan and Lenny Cornwall for the quality of the debate. 
“I would also like to pay tribute to the whole finance team for navigating the tricky waters of 2020.  2021 looks no less challenging but the College will emerge from the pandemic in a strong position ready to fulfil its ambitions.”

Election results in full

Election results for Dean

First-round results:

  • Professor Subodh Dave – 43%
  • Dr Chris O'Loughlin – 22%
  • Professor Nandini Chakraborty – 19%
  • Dr John Russell – 16%

Subodh won on the third round (after votes for Professor Chakraborty and Dr Russell were re-cast) with the result being:

  • Professor Subodh Dave – 57%
  • Dr Chris O'Loughlin – 33%

Elections results for Treasurer

First-round results:

  • Professor John Crichton – 35.2%
  • Dr Lenny Cornwall  – 34.7%
  • Dr Anand Ramakrishnan – 30.0%

John won on the second round (after votes for Dr Ramakrishnan were re-cast) with the result being:

  • Professor John Crichton – 46.0%
  • Dr Lenny Cornwall  – 43.6%

Results of other elections

The College also held a range of elections for positions on Faculties, Divisions and Devolved Councils. Details of all results are published in this Civica Election Services report.

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