Associate Registrar for Coaching & Mentoring

  • Status : Up to June 2027 (5 years) - One session per week
  • Salary : Voluntary
  • Closing date : 24/06/2022
  • Interview date : 15/07/2022

Overview of the role

  • To lead and develop the College’s UK Coaching & Mentoring Coaching and Mentoring Strategy, which will lead to improved workforce wellbeing and career development throughout all stages of a psychiatrist’s career.
  • To take a lead role in advising on and assisting in setting up Coaching & Mentoring systems across all College Divisions and Devolved Nations, ensuring that all psychiatrists working in the UK have the opportunity to access Coaching & Mentoring coaching and mentoring. 
  • To ensure there is a comprehensive training programme for interested doctors and that attendees are then able to use their skills in Coaching & Mentoring coaching and mentoring practice to support the wellbeing of the workforce.

Key responsibilities

  • Liaise with College Divisions and Devolved Nations to conduct a mapping exercise about what is provided in each region in terms of Coaching & Mentoring 
  • Develop a system for a Coaching & Mentoring lead in each Division and Devolved Nation, and ensure they have the necessary competencies to oversee Coaching & Mentoring in their areas
  • Strengthen the UK wide network of those with Coaching & Mentoring skills and experience, leads and best practice
  • Ensure that ‘best practice’ is shared across all Divisions and Devolved Nations
  • Promote and support Coaching & Mentoring within the College for all grades of psychiatrists at all stages of their career
  • Oversee the development of a College Coaching & Mentoring Strategy, linking in with our workforce retention and workforce wellbeing strategies and activities 
  • Develop a Coaching & Mentoring training

How to apply

Send CV and covering letter to me: 

Closing date: Friday 24 June 2022

Interview date: Friday 15 July 2022

The College values a diverse and inclusive workforce and welcomes applications from all sections of the community, reflecting the population it serves.

Associate Registrar CoachingMentoring JD 2022