Election Scrutineer

  • Status : Four year term / Appointed position
  • Salary : Volunteer
  • Closing date : 25/06/2019

Job purpose

The scrutineers need to approve all the supporting statements for consistency and fairness, in line with the College’s good governance for elections.

Key responsibilities

The role of the Scrutineers is to check candidates’ supporting statements rigorously, within the timescales indicated by the College’s election timetable.

Scrutineers need to:

  • Check statements at the following times of year:
    • Three-week period in October/November for regular elections each year

      (average of 80 statements of 200 or 500 words each)

    • Four-week period in August/September every three years for Presidential elections

      (average of ten statements of 250 or 500 words each)

    • Two-week period in either February or August every three years for each Honorary Officer election. Honorary Officers, other than the President, are elected for a maximum term of five years

      (average of ten statements of 250 or 500 words each)

  • Ensure that statements are in line with the election rules and canvassing policy
  • Indicate acronyms that need to be expanded which may not be understood by everyone in the electorate
  • Request clarification on any points regarding the job roles of the candidates
  • Highlight any mistakes
  • Ensure that inappropriate remarks or comments are not used in the statements
Check other visual materials for Presidential elections as required

Person specification

  • The candidate will be a College Fellow
  • They will have good attention to detail
  • They will have good time management skills

To apply for the post please email your CV and a covering letter to by the closing date of 25 June.

Download this role description (PDF)