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Forensic psychotherapy is the application of psychological knowledge to the treatment of mentally disordered or mentally ill patients who commit violent or destructive acts against others or themselves.

Commonly applied diagnoses would include personality disorder and psychosis.

The term forensic psychotherapy is usually associated with psychodynamic psychotherapy including group psychotherapy and the therapeutic community approach.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is more commonly associated with the field of psychology, particularly forensic psychology.

  • To promote and encourage the practice of forensic psychotherapy as an approach in the treatment and management of mentally disordered patients who carry out violent or destructive acts against others or themselves.
  • Share knowledge and work in the field to help develop the specialty.
  • Bring together psychiatrists from allied specialties with an interest in the field.
  • Contribute towards the training and CPD for psychiatrists.
  • Support the discipline during changes in training junior psychiatrists and ensure that the field remains visible and supports interest in wider College membership.
  • Help support educational and training initiatives for psychiatrists working with particular patient groups, for example, offender patients suffering from personality disorders.
  • Act in an advisory role or as a resource, if appropriate, for other College faculties or SIGs.
  • Stimulate research in the field.
MemberYear of joiningPosition
Dr Dan Beales2016 (E)Chair
Dr Brian Darnley2016 (E)Secretary
Dr Guy Hillman2010 (C)Finance Officer
Dr Lisa Gardiner2016 (C)Regional rep 
Dr Shari Mysorekar2016 (C)Regional rep 
Dr Paul McAllister2016 (C)Regional rep 
Dr Caroline Jacob2016 (C)Independent Sector rep
Dr Andrew Williams2016 (C)Regional rep 
Dr Katy Mason2016 (C)Regional rep 
Dr Abigail Manjunath2016 (C)Regional rep 
Dr Mohammed Qadri2016 (C)Regional rep 
Dr Alistair Forrest2016 (C)Scottish rep 
Dr Reena Manghnani2016 (C)Regional rep 
Dr Hannah Williams2017 (C)Regional rep 


Past elected officers

The Forensic Psychotherapy Special Interest Group was formed in 2007.

  • Dr Carine Minne was elected as chair,
  • Dr David Reiss as secretary
  • Dr Brian Darnley (later replaced by Dr Guy Hillman) as Finance Officer. 
  • Dr Gabriel Kirtchuk was co-opted in his capacity as Lead Clinician for the National Strategy for the Training and Development in Forensic Psychotherapy
  • Dr Ravi Lingam to represent the interests of regional members.

The FPSIG is open to all members of or associates of the College. Non-College membership from other disciplines will also be considered.

Members of the College can join FPSIG by filling out our online application form.

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