About us

We aim to promote, facilitate, and stimulate interest in high-quality clinical research and teaching.

We are also concerned with ensuring the availability of appropriate clinical training and job opportunities for those entering academic careers.

You can read more about the Faculty's focus and priorities here.

Executive Committee

Member Year of joining Position
Prof. Hugo Critchley 2020 (E) Chair
Prof. Samuel Chamberlain 2022 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Lindsey Sinclair 2022 (E) Financial Officer
Prof. Saeed Farooq 2020 (E) Academic Secretary
Prof. David Baldwin 2021 (C) BAP Representative
Prof. Kam Bhui 2015 (C) Committee Member
Dr Helen Bould 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Mary Cannon 2022 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Andrea Cipriani 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Prashanth De Silva 2023 (C) PTC Rep
Dr Oliver Howes 2022 (C) Psychopharmacology Committee
Dr Nusrat Husain 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Sameer Jauhar 2022 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Ian Jones 2008 (C) Committee Member
Dr Kimberley Kendall 2019 (C) Higher Trainee Representative
Prof. Ania Korszun 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Emmeline Lagunes Cordoba 2021 (C) SAS Doctor Representative
Prof. Stephen Lawrie 2010 (C) Scotland
Prof. Anne Lingford-Hughes 2020 (C) Immediate Past Chair
Prof. James MacCabe 2020 (E) Committee Member
Ms Emma McAllister 2023 (A) Patient Representative
Dr Ciaran Mulholland 2020 (C) Northern Ireland
Miss Nikki Nabavi 2022 (C) Student Associate Rep
Dr Musa Sami 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr Kapil Sayal 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Lade Smith 2016 (C) Committee Member
Dr Oliver Sparasci 2022 (C) Higher Trainee Representative
Dr Ekkehart Staufenberg 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr Paul Stokes 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr Charlotte Wilson Jones 2020 (C) Associate Dean

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