Supporting trainees

Through broad consultation among our members, we developed the following brief description of the role of an Addictions Psychiatrist:

“We are medical doctors who have completed extensive training in psychiatry (including the use of mental health legislation) and addiction. In combining these skills, we have unique expertise in the management of addiction problems in complex cases, particularly co-morbid mental health problems.

Our extensive knowledge extends to all aspects of addiction, including individual brain mechanisms, behaviour and its overall effect on the family, society and the economy. Combined with excellent communication skills, this enables us to offer a holistic approach that considers how biological, psychological and social factors impact on a person’s life and recovery journey.

We are the clinical leads for addiction teams and bear the ultimate clinical responsibility for the people we see. Our training has prepared us for formal leadership roles enabling us to take on senior management positions within addiction teams, and to provide consultation on issues of service development, clinical governance, commissioning, public health, interpretation of research findings, training and evidence based practice.”

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