Core Psychiatry Curriculum changes

Time is running out to let us know your thoughts about the new Core Psychiatry Curriculum (PDF) for 2021.

You have until Wednesday 5 February 2020 to provide your feedback via our online form.

The development of this new framework began in early 2018 and is underpinned by the GMC requirements of ‘Excellence by Design’ and the ‘Generic Professional Capabilities’ (GPC) framework, following the ‘Shape of Training’ review in 2013.

This mandated GPC framework will underpin all medical speciality curricula in the future.

As part of this, we are required to identify speciality specific and general capabilities across psychiatry as well as shared capabilities with other medical specialities.

We have developed a framework to define the capabilities of a medical doctor working in Core Psychiatry.

This, as well as all the other proposed Curricula for psychiatry (under development), will be patient-centred, values-based as well as, succinct, sustainable, flexible and adaptable.

They will ensure that capabilities in Psychiatry can be enhanced proactively in response to changing demographics, understanding of mental disorders, legislation and service delivery.

We aim to enhance Psychiatry training and Psychiatry over the next 10-20 years.

Nine High Level Outcomes map directly onto the nine mandatory GPC domains.

We have subsequently developed a number of broad Key Capabilities under each HLO that define the broad mandatory requirements that all Core Psychiatry trainees across the UK are expected to achieve to enable progression to ST training to become a Consultant Psychiatrist.

In tandem with the Core Curriculum the College will provide supplementary guidance on Training Illustrations/Activities to demonstrate how the key capabilities can be achieved.

There will also be a separate Guidance Document to describe the structure of training (which has not changed) as well as information on ARCP and WPBA requirements amongst others.

All mandatory elements of the curriculum must be however be accessible to all Core Psychiatry trainees across the UK.

To ensure specific areas of practice are incorporated in Core training (e.g. working with people with eating disorders, autism and Military, Perinatal and Neuropsychiatry Psychiatry, amongst others) separate ‘bolt-on’ guides aligned to the Key Capabilities framework will be available for trainees to access where training experience is available.

The proposed Core Psychiatry curriculum has been developed by the RCPsych Curriculum Revision Working Group over the last 18 months with representation from patients, trainees, SAC’s, CESR Committee, Examinations Sub-committee and other relevant stakeholders.

Many thanks for your help; it is much appreciated, if you have any further comments or questions please email

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