Creating a climate for a sustainable College

One of Adrian’s four priorities as President is putting sustainability at the heart of all RCPsych work.

As part of this, the College is embarking on a project that will allow us to play our part in tackling the urgent climate and ecological emergencies facing the world.

The Sustainability Committee has helped lead on setting up a working group and conducting a series of seven roundtables with members and multi-disciplinary colleagues to advise on what the College can do to tackle the problem.

The roundtables have discussed the following topics:

  • The role of the RCPsych in view of the climate and ecological emergency
  • What is the impact of the climate and ecological emergency on mental health now and in the future?
  • The impact of the climate and ecological emergency on specific patient groups (with regards to their mental health)
  • The climate and ecological emergency and public mental health in the UK and internationally
  • Nature and Mental Health: Developing a response to the climate and ecological emergency
  • Sustainable psychiatric practice and mental health services
  • Psychological and spiritual responses to the climate and ecological emergencies.

Adrian said:

"These roundtables have provided a rich and fascinating insight into the problems that face the globe and our collective physical and mental health and the exciting potential solutions.

"We have had involvement from members from across the UK and internationally as well as colleagues from many other disciplines, encouraging us to carry this essential work through and do our best as a College to make a difference."

This scoping and evidence-gathering exercise is helping the College put together a position statement that will frame how we will contribute to tackling the enormous problems facing our patients and the entire world.

Following the publication of this position statement, we hope to embed sustainability and responses to the climate emergency across the College and continue engagement of members and external stakeholders.

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