Eating disorders in the headlines

Our report that Eating Disorders psychiatrists have been seeing lots of young people presenting to hospital with serious weight loss during lockdown hit the headlines this week.

BBC News and BBC World news ran our story saying that social media reports of people putting on weight in lockdown was leading to young people with a history of eating disorders losing weight.

The report last Friday (3 July) – also covered by BBC radio - featured Dr Dasha Nicholls, the former Chair of the Eating Disorder faculty, and Grace, one of our lived experience partners.

Dr Nicholls said: “An important message I want to give is that people don’t take extreme measures or develop extreme anxiety about their weight gain.

“We are seeing young people presenting to hospital who have lost a drastic amount of weight in a short space of time and got themselves very unwell.”

During the report, Grace talked about the challenges she’s faced in lockdown surrounded by diet culture.

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