Celebrating 180 years

What led to the College being set up? Where were all the women in psychiatry? What will future generations think about today? Catch up with our 180 years celebrations.

Controversial beginnings

Our path to becoming RCPsych was fraught with controversy. In 1968 junior psychiatrists were in conflict with the establishment of the Royal Medico Psychological Association over the membership of the new College. 

Find out more, see a short film with interviews from people who were involved in the controversy, and a timeline of events leading up to the College’s creation.

Where were the women?

Don’t miss our next webinar celebrating our history, in which our Dean Dr Kate Lovett charts women’s success in overcoming the barriers and gaining equality in doctoring and psychiatry. Kate’s talk will be followed by a panel discussion.

Future archives competition

Help future generations understand how mental health was delivered in 2020-21.

We’re running a competition: submit an entry for our archives describing how you think mental healthcare is provided and you could win an iPad, and end up speaking at our International Congress this summer.

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