'25 Women' to launch in March

The Women and Mental Health Special Interest Group (WMHSIG) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

To mark the occasion, they have selected 25 women psychiatrists from a range of specialties, grades and geographical locations to showcase the variety and depth of achievements of our women psychiatrists.

The '25 Women' project will run throughout March, spanning International Women’s Day on the 8th, and will feature women on the frontline who are greatly valued locally but have not had prior opportunities for wider recognition.

Alongside inspirational stories of progression through their careers, the SIG have especially chosen those nominees who were keen to share the story of the personal challenges behind their visible successes.

As well as a short film and podcast, WMHSIG will share the 25 Women’s stories through a series of weekly updates that will each feature the written narratives of five women along with an accompanying blog post.

These stories will be gathered together in a lasting resource on the RCPsych website at the end of the project. This resource aims to encourage young people to consider careers in psychiatry, and to inspire other psychiatrists and offer hope during difficult times.

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