Guidance for online exams

New resources have been developed to help make sure the trainees who take our first ever online MRCPsych exams are as prepared as possible.

With the first online CASC exams taking place in September and October, and Paper A and B tests scheduled for October-December, we’ve produced walk through guides to help candidates acclimatise to the online tests in advance.

Using the new resources - launched in the Exams section of the College website this week - trainees can check their IT to make sure they have an appropriate device and reliable wifi. The online guides also explain step by step what to expect from the new exams, and for papers A and B there is a combined sample exam paper to try out.

Chief Examiner Dr Ian Hall said: “We urge candidates to view the guides, as they should be a great help in understanding what to expect. The subjects covered in the exams have not changed, but any preparation candidates can do to make sure there are no surprises on the day should help them perform at their best.”

He added: “The project to move our exams online and let trainees know about the changes has been a truly collaborative effort across the College, involving help from the Events team creating webinars, the Comms team for social media support, the Digital communications team for the website and social media support, the IT team for database work, the Exams team for their huge knowledge base and of course the Digitisation team for leading the project.

“I’d also like to thank the many College members who sit on panels and committees have freely given up their time to assist the project and we are truly grateful for everyone’s most generous support.”

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