If a patient dies by suicide

Loss of patients to suicide can, in addition to the effects on families and friends, have significant emotional impacts on psychiatrists that have been working with them (and of course other team members).

The College takes this impact very seriously and has a new working group to address this challenging area.

There is now a new section on the College website called If a Patient Dies by Suicide. On this page you will find both a downloadable booklet and a webinar.

  • The booklet is called: If a patient dies by suicide: A Resource for Psychiatrists. It was produced by clinicians at the Oxford Centre for Suicide Research who had had this painful experience themselves. It is based on feedback from a survey of psychiatrists (Gibbons et al.) and other research information. The booklet is aimed at psychiatrists of all levels, from trainees to experienced consultants. Its purpose is to provide information, to reduce a sense of isolation, and to help in coping at what is likely to be a very difficult time.
  • The webinar is called: Creative Conversations on Suicide: The Suicide of a Patient and the effect on Psychiatrists. In this webinar psychiatrists talk openly about their emotional experience of loss of patients to suicide and the processes that followed after the death.
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