Choose Psychiatry

The UK needs more psychiatrists and the pandemic has made the need even greater – that's the College’s message as we launch the 2020 Choose Psychiatry campaign this week. 

Two-fifths of patients waiting for mental health treatment contact emergency or crisis services, with one-in-ten (11%) ending up in A&E, RCPsych research has found. 

A poll of more than 500 British adults diagnosed with a mental illness also reveals the damaging consequences the wait between referral and second appointments has on the lives of patients living with severe or common mental illness.   

Over the next six weeks we will be publishing videos, blog posts and podcasts on our website and social media channels, to show medical students and Foundation doctors what a great career psychiatry is. 

Each year we produce emotive videos which demonstrate how, as a psychiatrist, you can really make a difference to people’s lives. Here is one of our videos for the 2020 campaign:

What next? 

For those medical students and Foundation Doctors who are interested and want to learn more, we encourage them to sign up to become associate members of the College, and continue their journey towards a career in psychiatry with us. 

If you know any medical students or Foundation doctors who might be interested in a career in psychiatry, please encourage them to visit the Choose Psychiatry section of the RCPsych website.

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