Going global

International members will be able to stay up to date with College activities affecting them better than ever before from today.

As part of our celebration of World Mental Health Day:

  • we've launched a permanent, high profile section of our website called International, which is accessible from the top of every page on our site
  • we've launched a Twitter feed – @RCPsychIntl – so our members around the world have a channel to get our international news first and fastest.

In order to mark World Mental Health Day 2020 we are also:

  • holding an event today (8 October, 1pm-2pm) which is a roundtable discussion on the effects of COVID-19 called ‘Me, my community and my nation’
  • publishing blog posts from our members in India and the Pan-American Division, on the psychiatrist’s perspective in India, and the results of a survey in the Pan-American Division about COVID-19 and the implications for psychiatrists in each country.

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