New support for retired members

Retirement is the start of another chapter of one’s life; not the end of the old one.

It can bring opportunities to redirect your energies and interests in new directions, to take on new roles, or to continue previous interests.

For many psychiatrists it is a gradual process which can develop at whatever pace one chooses, not a moment in time.

In common use, ‘retire’ means the moment when you start to take a pension, but there’s no reason at all why you should stop all professional activity then (unless, of course, that’s what you want to do).

There are lots of valuable and rewarding roles for senior psychiatrists who have built up a lifetime’s experience and have great skill and knowledge in their field.

Old age psychiatrist Dr Hugh Series has created a new section on the College’s website to help members who are approaching retirement, or have retired.

The section covers a wide range of topics, including peer support, continuing to work for your organisation, volunteering and other completely new opportunities. For those who continue to practise as doctors in some capacity, it also covers training, CPD, revalidation and appraisal.

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