Helping your team be resilient during the pandemic

A new suite of advice is available to support you and your team with resilience in these exceptionally challenging times.
The excellent set of resources are provided on the MindEd website, the free e-learning site hosted by RCPsych and funded by Health Education England.

MindEd’s new resilience hub is intended to support all front line health and care workers in the UK, particularly those working in the NHS, to manage their own mental health, and that of their colleagues.

The content has been developed to be readily accessible by health staff on the move and optimised for mobile phones.

It includes tips that have been provided by over 50 international industry experts (including many College members) and reviewed by a sub-group of that network. The MindEd team is most grateful for the support and help from College members. 

The MindEd team will be developing the hub with more content and, with HEE, communicating updates to front line staff.

More about MindEd

MindEd is free e-learning service aimed at equipping professionals and members of the public with evidence based information about the mental health of children, young people, adults with learning disability and older people's mental health. 

The service is funded by Health Education England and is hosted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

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