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While our new website has taken the headlines recently, the College’s digital team have also been working hard to improve our social media channels.

Each one provides something different, so it’s worth following us on each one if you can. Here’s a quick catch-up on what’s what in terms of College social media.


The College’s main twitter feed @rcpsych has the most followers of any of the royal medical colleges at 73,000, nearly a 20% increase over the last year.

The account provides a wealth of information across a vast range of aspects of psychiatry and mental health,  including running commentaries from key speeches at events, College news, opportunities to attend events, enter awards or bursary schemes; campaigns we run for a fair deal from government; and much more.

This year many parts of the College have begun to launch their own feeds, including all of our regional offices (Divisions), so members can receive the most up to date local information.

We’ve also got feeds relating to our publications like @thebjpsych, feeds for people considering a career in psychiatry @choosepsychiatry and much more, all producing bitesize updates and links to the information you need.

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Over 13,000 people are ‘friends’ with the College on Facebook – nearly a 30% increase from a year ago. The Facebook format allows us more latitude for extended messaging, videos and photos.

Typical posts include highlighting resources for psychiatrists, longer pieces about psychiatrists in the news, thought pieces and podcasts, + event and price promos.

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Followers of our LinkedIn account have soared by 55% in the last year, to over 7,500.

We post on LinkedIn once or twice a week. Most posts relate to topical mental health issues, where one of the College’s spokespeople is highlighting a concern, or providing advice, or talking about the benefits of psychiatry, or why psychiatry is a great career choice.

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We’ve seen exceptional growth on our newest channel Instagram, where we’re now up to 1,300 followers, a 150% increase in the last 6 months.

If you’re a visual person you’ll get a lot out of our Instagram channel, and Instagram in general.. We provide unique content from events such as Congress, the RCPsych awards, relating to our #choosepsychiatry campaign, and more. If you’re on this channel, it’s worth following the College!

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How could we do better?

If you’ve got an idea about how the College could improve its social media coverage, now’s a good time to tell us.

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