New website: one month on

Around 8pm on Monday 19 November, the first steps were taken to switch over from the old website and step into a brave new world.

The new College website, designed to work beautifully on all mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop, was ushered into being.

But what’s happened during its first month, and has it been well received? 

  • We’ve had lots of verbal feedback from people saying it looks much better than the old site, and that it works better on mobile devices
  • We’ve had feedback saying people have been experiencing broken links when searching via google: this is something we have been addressing and we expect this problem to be completely resolved within the next week or two
  • We’ve had some feedback from people who have found the onsite search less helpful than on the previous site. We’re sorry that’s the case and are working to improve the onsite search.

We’ve also received individual responses citing specific content people used to know how to access but are finding harder. If you’re in that situation please do let us know via the Feedback form.


If you’d like to feed back about the site, we’d still love to hear from you. Please leave your email within your answers if you’re happy for us to contact you.

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