Young people's debate one of our best ever

Yesterday 600 school students aged between 15-18 visited the College to take part in our annual young people’s debate – and it was one of our best ever.

Split into a morning and afternoon session with a full house of 300 students in each, the motion for this year’s debate was ‘This house believes that the modern world is toxic for our mental health’.

Speaking for the motion were Dr Penelope Brown and Professor Carmine Pariante, while opposing the motion were Dr Mike Jewell and Professor James MacCabe. The chairs were Dr Jim Bolton and Dr Gil Myers.

In the morning, the audience decided against the motion by 51% to 41%.

Yesterday’s young people’s debate in London is one of 3 which the College runs – an excellent debate happened in Wales in November, while another one is taking place in Blackpool in January.

Young people's Christmas debate participants
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