New year's honours

We’re delighted that three members of the College were included in the New Year’s honours. Congratulations to Dr Sridevi Kalidindi CBE, Dr Gertrude Seneviratne OBE, and Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones OBE.

Henrietta Bowden-Jones OBE, said:

“I am truly delighted to have received this OBE for my life-long work in Addiction treatment and research.

“About 100 million people in the world suffer from alcohol use disorders and about 27 million people are opioid dependent. Many more are experiencing harm form other drugs and from behavioural addictions.

“This award is dedicated to the children of addicted parents in recognition of all the suffering and harm they experience.”

Sri Kalidindi CBE, said:

"I am deeply grateful to receive this honour for contributions to Rehabilitation Psychiatry.

“My sincere thanks go to all the amazing people who work to improve the lives of those needing Rehab care: staff - clinical, operational, research, third sector, policy experts. Special thanks also to the service users themselves and carers, from whom we all learn so much.

“I hope this award will further raise the profile of Rehabilitation Psychiatry: helping to ensure people with serious mental illness, who need Rehab, receive a great service close to home in a timely manner; and encourage more excellent staff to join the mental health Rehab clan."

Dr Trudi Seneviratne OBE, said:

“I am absolutely thrilled to receive this honour for services to Perinatal Psychiatry.

“Most importantly, this is tremendous recognition of the importance of supporting and caring for women’s mental health in a non-stigmatising way during preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period, as well as their babies/children, partner and families.

“It is also an honour to all the perinatal psychiatrists and their tremendous work over many years, as well as multidisciplinary colleagues within perinatal mental health services, primary care colleagues who work with women and their families, and to those who do research and education in this field.”


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