Strategic plan

Earlier this month we published our new strategic plan for 2019-2020. ‘Excellence in psychiatry: High-quality, person-centred care’ sets out a new vision for the organisation, which is of: “A strong and progressive College that supports its members to deliver high-quality, person-centred care across the UK, and all over the world.”

The work of the College, during 2019-20, will be underpinned by its values of:

  • Courage
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Learning
  • Excellence

RCPsych Chief Executive Paul Rees said: “The College’s mission is to secure the best outcomes for people with mental illness, intellectual disabilities and developmental disorders by promoting excellent mental health services, supporting the prevention of mental illness, training outstanding psychiatrists, promoting quality and research, setting standards and being the voice of psychiatry.

"Our new strategic plan sets out, in some detail, how we aim to achieve our vitally important mission, vision and objectives, over the next two years."

Read the full story and download Excellence in psychiatry: High-quality, person-centred care.


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