Enjoying work

Join our new improvement collaborative aimed at supporting staff wellbeing and enhancing joy in work. Participating teams will be supported to use quality improvement to test new ideas that can support wellbeing, resilience and effective team working.

The wellbeing and experience of staff working in our mental health services has never been more important.

Our National Collaborating Centre is launching a new improvement collaborative to help teams across the UK consider the changes to the way they are working, develop new ideas to support staff wellbeing and connect to the meaning and purpose in our work.

We’ll be using the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Joy in Work framework, and will incorporate learning from Trusts in England who have already seen improvements in wellbeing as a result of using the framework.

We understand the pressures teams are under, and appreciate the stresses individuals will be feeling, especially now. The improvement collaborative is fully virtual, with the first learning sessions commencing in July, and we hope this will provide a valuable opportunity for teams to access support to focus on this critical area.

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