If a patient dies by suicide

A new booklet has been published to support members when a patient dies by suicide.

Endorsed by our President, Dr Adrian James, it is called ‘If a patient dies by suicide – A resource for psychiatrists’.

The booklet and the survey that informed it were produced at the University of Oxford Centre for Suicide Research by a multidisciplinary group of clinicians and researchers, all of whom have experienced deaths of patients by suicide during their careers.

This group was led by Professor Keith Hawton and included Fiona Brand, Alison Croft, Dr Rachel Gibbons, Dr Anne Carbonnier, Karen Lascelles, Melsina Makaza, Dr Gerti Stegen and Dr Gislene Wolfart.

Professor Keith Hawton and Dr Gibbons are part of an RCPsych working group which will also be producing other resources to help members who have experienced a patient dying by suicide.

The booklet, and a webcast of psychiatrists and family members talking about the emotional effect the death of a patient by suicide had on them, will soon by published in our Supporting you section.

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