Online training launched

The College successfully launched online versions of Section 12(2) and Approved Clinician Induction training this month.

We have been committed to providing web-based training to replace the usual face to face version, particularly as it will help trainees and retired doctors returning to the workforce in England and Wales play a vital role during the pandemic.

The sold-out courses were launched in July with 450 registered delegates. Both courses consist of a series of six eLearning modules hosted on the College’s CPD Online platform, accessible to registered delegates.

The topics covered within the modules reflect the face-to-face training course: an overview of the Mental Health Act, the legal perspective, personal perspectives of lived and caring experience, protecting patient’s rights and autonomy, the perspective from the AMHP, special considerations related to CAMHS and Intellectual Disability and also the approvals process.

On completion of the six online modules, delegates attend a live Q&A webinar with a maximum of 30 fellow delegates, with the opportunity to pose questions to the module authors.

Overall, feedback from delegates was exceptional, and we were delighted after staff and members put in a huge effort to making it happen.

A special acknowledgement to all involved in the development during these unprecedented times: Professor Wendy Burn, Dr Kate Lovett, the Department of Health and Social Care and the four Approvals Panels, expert reviewers, the RCPsych staff project team and our talented and experienced module authors listed below in module order:

  • Dr Abdul Raoof
  • Neena Abraham
  • Neil Allen
  • Elaine Hewis
  • Kate King
  • Claire Barcham
  • Dr Dan Hayes
  • Professor Regi Alexander
  • Dr Asit Biswas

For more information and to register your interest to receive updates on future courses, please visit the College's Section 12(2) and Approved Clinician Training section.

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