Multi-source feedback: special offer

The College’s 360 feedback tool, ACP 360, will be having a summer offer for organisations/Trusts to register their doctors.

From 10am on 6 July 2020 to 5pm on 17 July 2020 the sale price to register consultants or SAS doctors under your organisation will be £90 (+VAT).*

This offer will also apply to any consultants already registered under their organisation (if the organisation has an account with us) who are renewing their membership with ACP 360. The offer is not valid for individual doctors registering themselves.

ACP 360 is different from other 360 feedback systems as it is designed and validated specifically for psychiatrists, by psychiatrists. Members are also able to complete multiple assessments within their membership period (five years) for no extra cost, and we can release reports instantly to you (providing you have received the minimum number of survey responses from patients and colleagues).

ACP 360 provides detailed and in-depth feedback as reports systematically collate feedback from colleagues and patients on the key domains, and free text comments on a participant’s areas of strength and areas for improvement can be provided.

You can find more information about the system on our website.

If you are interested in signing your organisation up with ACP 360, purchasing more credits for an existing account, or would like more information, contact the team at or 020 3701 2695/6.

*Normal price is £118.80

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