Celebrating Pride

The College has celebrated Pride month with our biggest ever set of interviews and blogs, with a wide range of members contributing to making it the best RCPsych Pride month yet.

We began the month with a beautiful article by the Chair of the Rainbow SIG, Dr Maire Cooney on the topic of social distancing in relation to the LGBT community. Dr Cooney excellently observed that although social distancing is a new concept to many, for some people in the LGBT community, it has been a way of life.

Helping us celebrate Pride and simultaneously address the difficult past that there’s been between psychiatry and the LGBT community, was Dr Sarah Stansfeld, Dr Ian Hall, Dr Louise Theodosiou, Dr Parvinder Shergill and Dr Alan Mackenzie; who all spoke to us about what Pride meant to them.

These were incredibly honest, personal accounts of the importance of Pride and thought-provoking messages on what mental health professionals can do to bridge the gap and help members of the LGBT community as we progress.

Watch this thought provoking set of videos they recorded for Pride 2020.

Wanting to know a little more about the work of Dr Parvinder Shergill, we interviewed her separately to discuss her latest LGBT BAME film project.

Dr Shergill talked passionately about the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of LGBT people in film, and how it was her aim to always portray an LGBT relationship in each of her productions.

Read our interview with Dr Shergill.

In February 2020 we interviewed Dr Louise Theodosiou, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and Jamie, who identifies as a trans man and has used mental health services for just under ten years.

Our podcast delves into the different relationship that these two people have with the community and what it was like for Jamie to connect with a psychiatrist who understood his specific mental health needs.

Listen to the podcast between Dr Theodosiou and Jamie.

Although we are celebrating Pride differently this year, being the first-ever celebrated during the lockdown, we hope that our interviews and personal accounts commemorate Pride with hope and progression, as it should be.

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