Donate to the College archives!

In an attempt to follow government COVID-19 guidance and the need to maintain good mental wellbeing, we’re aware that some of our members are trying to keep busy by sorting out their career-long paperwork.

The College Archives is appealing to you to consider donating your historical records to the Archives rather than throwing them out.

The College has an archives collection development policy. Its main purpose is to ensure that we collect, maintain, document and preserve the history of the College.

The policy also allows the archivist to collect personal papers of officers, fellows and members of the College. These papers usually supplement and compliment institutional records collected from the various departments, committees, faculties and other bodies of the College.

The papers which are most likely to contain information of archival value include:

  • diaries, memoirs, biographies
  • official correspondence
  • committee, faculty, section, group and division minutes, reports and files
  • correspondence with colleagues, professional organisations, government bodies
  • audio-visual records such as photographs, interviews, oral history tapes and transcripts.

For assistance with the selection of material suitable for the Archives and for information on transfer arrangements, please contact:

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