Exciting opportunities at the College

A range of exciting opportunities are coming up for members interested in working with the College.

They include:

  • becoming the new Clinical and Strategic Director working with our College Centre for Quality Improvement
  • taking the new role of Presidential Lead for Recruitment and helping our drive to get more people to choose psychiatry, and
  • working on the CPD Advisory Board and guiding the College’s delivery of online training modules.

The College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) is currently looking for a new Clinical and Strategic Director. The CCQI works with mental health services to improve the standard of care that people with mental health needs receive.

The Centre runs 27 quality networks and accreditation programmes that work with over 1550 mental health services around the UK. The networks develop service standards and help services to work towards meeting them. The CCQI also runs two national audits on behalf of NHS England and the Welsh Government that are focused on dementia and psychosis.

The Clinical and Strategic Director is the clinical lead for this programme of work and is an exciting opportunity if you are interested in improving services nationally.

If you would like to discuss the role, please contact Peter Thompson, Senior Associate Director of the CCQI.

Clinical and Strategic Director – find out more

We’re looking for a member to support the President, College and its members, in leading the College’s promotion of recruitment into psychiatry in the UK.

They will lead the College’s recruitment strategy working closely with our strategic communications and professional standards teams.

Applications need to be in by 7 April.

Presidential lead for Recruitment – find out more

The CPD Online Advisory Board is seeking to appoint two advisory board members and a trainee editor to support the e-learning we provide to members.

Board members are integral in supporting the Editor and Deputy Editor with the College’s eLearning sites: CPD Online and Trainees Online.

Key responsibilities include contributing ideas for commissions, approaching potential contributors, peer reviewing content and evaluation of our eLearning sites.

You will also be expected to attend and actively participate in the Advisory Boards which meet three times a year.

This is a very exciting time to help shape the future of eLearning at the RCPsych as not only has the demand for eLearning risen but we are currently replatforming the current eLearning sites, moving to a new learning management system (LMS) and at the same time bringing subscription management in-house via a new eCommerce engine.

Details and how to apply

Further information about the Board member roles can be found below:

Closing date: 12 April 2021 @ 5pm

To support the President, the College and its members, the post-holder will be the lead in the College for Autism in the UK and will influence how the College develops members skills and attitudes and how the College interacts with outside agencies regarding Autism. The Champion will work with national leads, faculty leads and people from other sectors such as autistic people and researchers.

Closing date: 14 April 2021

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