Breakfast with NHS England

Wendy Burn, Adrian James, Simon Stevens and Claire Murdoch

The College was delighted to host Simon Stevens (Chief Executive, NHS England) and Claire Murdoch (National Mental Health Director, NHS England and NHS Improvement) for a breakfast meeting on 25 April 2019.

It gave us an opportunity to recognise the commitments on mental health in the new Long-Term Plan for the NHS and the continued leadership at the highest level.

We particularly welcomed the recent funding commitments, including the pledge for mental health to receive a growing share of the NHS budget, the commitment for funding for children and young people’s mental health services to grow faster than overall NHS funding and total mental health spending, and the strengthening of the Mental Health Investment Standard.

The College has supported the development of the Plan throughout, including publishing a comprehensive vision to inform its focus, as well as representation on the policy groups helping advise on its forthcoming implementation framework. You can read more about the Long-Term plan here.

The meeting provided the opportunity to also discuss the importance of supporting local engagement and implementation of the Plan during 2019/20, how to increase the mental health workforce at a pace that will deliver its commitments and making the case for capital funding. 

Before the meeting, we were able to showcase some of the College’s historical archive material, including ‘De Proprietatibus Rerum’ printed in Nuremberg in 1483 (one of the most famous encyclopaedias of the Middle Ages) and ‘Hospitals and Asylums of the World (Volume 1)’ published in 1891.

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