Euro success for Professor Helen Killaspy

Professor Helen Killapsy has won the prestigious Pascal-Boyle Prize for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in Working to Improve Mental Health Care in Europe 2019.

Helen Killaspy winning the Pascal-Boyle Prize for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in Working to Improve Mental Health Care in Europe 2019

A former RCPsych Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Faculty Chair, Professor Killaspy was selected as winner out of 24 nominated candidates for the prize by the European Psychiatric Society.

The award, now in its second year, aims to publicly acknowledge and increase awareness of the outstanding achievements by women working to improve mental health care in Europe, aiming to redress the balance in an area which has historically been overlooked.

Professor Killaspy received the honour at the European Psychiatric Society’s annual Congress in Warsaw, which was also attended by RCPsych President Professor Wendy Burn, who said: “Professor Killaspy’s research has provided much needed evidence for the effectiveness of specialist services for people with complex mental health needs. It was lovely to be there to see her collect this well-deserved award.”

Professor Killaspy said: “I was really delighted to receive this award - it is great to be recognised for the last 15 years’ work to improve care for people with complex psychosis.

“It is also a great honour to receive a prize from the EPA that so clearly celebrates the contribution of women to improvement mental health care across Europe.”

Prof Killaspy is an Honorary Consultant in Rehabilitation Psychiatry at University College London. Her work primarily focuses on quality of care for people with complex mental health problems and the evaluation of complex interventions for this group.

Her many achievements include acting as joint Department Head of Epidemiology and Applied Clinical Research at the UCL Division of Psychiatry, where she established the Division’s mentoring scheme and lead the successful application for a silver gender equality award (Athena SWAN programme) as well as supervising many PhD and MSc students.

Her busy and varied career has also involved acting as National Professional Adviser for mental health rehabilitation services for the hospital registration authority in England and Wales, and as Topic Adviser for the first NICE guideline on mental health rehabilitation which is due for publication in 2020, as well as serving on the Care Quality Commission.

Professor Killaspy’s substantial body of work developing and testing quality assessment tools and complex interventions to improve the care of people with longer term mental health problems has been highly successful and well-received.

This includes the Quality Indicator for Rehabilitative Care (‘QuIRC’), which is used by over 900 services across 17 countries and the ‘QuIRC-SA’, which is the only tailor-made quality assessment tool for mental health supported accommodation services.

She has spoken at over 150 professional meetings and published over 100 peer reviewed journal papers plus many policies for the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists and the European Commission.

She also co-edited and co-authored the seminal textbook ‘Enabling Recovery; the principles and practice of rehabilitation psychiatry.’

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