Meet the next Registrar

The College’s values can support us during the pandemic and help us deliver the best possible service to members, the College’s next Registrar believes.

Dr Trudi Seneviratne OBE, was elected as Registrar last month and spoke to the College’s Chief Executive, Paul Rees, in a special interview afterwards.

She told him how she began working with the College, about what impact she thought the College’s values have had, and reflected on the resources RCPsych have made available for members since the pandemic began.

Trudi said she first became involved in College work when she helped a psychiatrist with a mental health related audit as a medical student, and went on to become trainee representative on the Perinatal Special Interest Group, as it was in the 1990s.

For the last four years she has been the chair of the Perinatal Faculty, and she observed: “The College is becoming more and more progressive, and in the last four years has become even more forward thinking.”

The Chief Executive asked Trudi what impact she thought the values were having.

She replied: “I think the values are absolutely fantastic. It is the first time I have understood our values so clearly, I love the fact they spell CIRCLE (Courage, Innovation, Respect, Collaboration, Learning and Excellence), the acronym is absolutely perfect.

“Mental health is so far behind physical health in terms of the amount of money pumped into it, in terms of research, and you have to be courageous to ask for what you need.

“We have to be enormously respectful to tackle tricky ethical issues which involve restrictions of liberty sometimes.

“And we have to do so much collaboratively.

“And in this pandemic we are learning things. Isn’t it extraordinary that the pipeline for getting things out of the College is so rapid? These products we have been putting out on our digital platforms have been put together professionally within weeks.”

Asked by the Chief Executive how it feels to become the first female Asian officer at the College, Trudi replied: “I think it is extraordinary and wonderful. I’d like to think that it was about the qualities I had to bring to the role, but equality is so important for me. Equality for patient care, for staff and the workforce and making sure everyone has an equal chance regardless of their background.

“I am humbled and will try my best to serve the College and work according to its values.”

Trudi was announced as the College’s next Registrar on 20 April and will begin work in the role on 1 July.
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