Eating disorders – new network launched

Community and outpatient eating disorder teams across the UK can now become members of a new network being brought together by RCPsych.

Our CCQI team have been running a Quality Network for specialist eating disorder units for several years, allowing units to learn from each other, and work to shared quality standards.

But the same service has not been available for their community and outpatient counterparts until now.

A successful pilot has been taking place over the last year, culminating in the formal launch of this new branch of the Eating Disorders network.

As well as supporting the community and outpatient eating disorder services to share good practice with one another, the aim of the new branch of the network will be to help each one to develop their service to cater to their population’s needs.

In setting it up, we have been mindful of the importance of continuity in step-up/down care from inpatient units, and sufficient support being provided for patients in the community to prevent inpatient admissions where possible.

The Quality Eating Disorders team have conducted peer review visits with a small group of early-adopter services so far, and we have learned extensively about teams' varied and often innovative ways of working, while discussing the QED community standards in relation to their practice and further development.

With QED community membership, teams can:

  • Receive a detailed peer review evaluation and report based on the QED community standards
  • Take part in the QED Annual Forum and other events throughout the year
  • Access support from the QED team
  • Receive an aggregated report including data from all participating services
  • Access the QED discussion group and share ideas and practice with other members
  • Visit another service as part of a peer review team
  • Receive and contribute to QED newsletters

For more information and to express your interest in joining the network, please contact the project team:

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