Space for a new Special Interest Group

A space has opened up for a new SIG and the College is inviting members to make suggestions.

Following the meeting of Council last month it was decided that the Forensic Psychotherapy Special Interest Group (SIG) should be disbanded as there are better structures within the College to support this work.

As a result the College now has 14 SIGs, and we have room for 15.

What to consider if you’d like to propose a new SIG

When you are putting together your new SIG proposal please consider the below questions:

  • Is the subject area covered by an existing committee? 
  • Could the work outlined be done through collaborating with an existing group? 
  • What are the main objectives for this group? 
  • What activities would you plan to undertake? 

How to propose a new SIG

Please make your suggestions for a new SIG by Friday 19 June.

Email an A4 side outlining your proposal to

If you prefer you can use this template as a guide.

Please also be aware of the College’s bye-laws and regulations around SIGs.

What will happen after I’ve submitted my idea?

New SIG proposals will be discussed at July’s meeting of Council, after which the successful member will be told. 
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