Project launch: factors impacting on medical students’ experiences and views of psychiatry

The College is embarking on some work, with support of the Medical Schools Council, to enable us to understand the factors at undergraduate level which impact on medical students’ experiences of psychiatry and likelihood to want to train as a psychiatrist.

This work involved designing one questionnaire (adapted for each nation) to be completed by medical schools across the UK; and one survey to be completed by medical students (any year). We have been testing those questionnaires over the past few weeks and collected a wide range of feedback, including from College Officers, staff, members, the Medical School Council, Psychiatry Education Leads and more than 25 students.

A letter signed by Professor Wendy Burn has been sent by the Medical Schools Council to all medical schools’ Education Leads on Monday 15th October 2018.

It would be extremely helpful if you could please help us disseminate our survey to medical students, via your own networks or/and on social media:

The deadline for completing the questionnaires is Monday 26th November. We will analyse findings in December and hope to disseminate them to medical schools in the New Year, with the purpose of sharing good practice and opportunities for improvement. 

We are extremely grateful for your support for this work and look forward to sharing the results with you. If you wish to discuss anything further, please contact the RCPsych Policy and Campaigns Officer, Zoé Mulliez, who would be happy to respond to any questions or speak to you in person.

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