POMH-UK 15-year anniversary report

The Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health (POMH-UK) celebrates 15 years with the publication of a special anniversary report.

Based within RCPsych’s Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI), the Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health is one of the College’s longest running quality improvement (QI) projects.

Over the past fifteen years the project’s key aim has been to help mental services across the UK achieve a safer and more effective use of psychotropic medications.

POMH-UK’s 15-year anniversary report celebrates the widespread and long-term commitment of its member services to the improvement of patient care and evidenced-based practice.

Their participation in a series of audit-based QI programmes over successive years has helped create a reliable picture of prescribing practice nationally on a range of focused topics.

Using data from these QI programmes, individual clinicians and multidisciplinary teams are able to compare the standard of care they provide against that provided by other clinicians within their service and nationally, revealing opportunities for further QI interventions.

As well as recognising the successes and ongoing challenges for participating services, the report also highlights the wider impact of POMH-UK data in support of evidence-based psychiatry, by informing guideline development groups and in contributing to the rationales for funded trials.

The POMH-UK team hope their report will be a useful resource for all psychiatrists, pharmacists, quality teams, clinical directors and all others working to improve the safety and effectiveness of prescribing in mental health.

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