Reviewing the trainee curriculum – an update

The review of our curricula is continuing to progress. In February, we submitted our Core Psychiatry curriculum, which was approved by the GMC in July, subject to actions.

Due to COVID-19, the originally planned timescales for submitting the remaining curricula were pushed back from April 2020 to October 2020.

On 12 October, we submitted all remaining curricula, including our endorsement specialties and a curriculum for our Liaison Psychiatry Credential (post CCT). Our submission also included an overview of our framework, implementation plan, and the Psychiatry Silver Guide.

Curriculum framework

The proposed new curriculum framework consists of the following key areas:

  • Psychiatry Silver Guide – this is a psychiatry specific guide, and mini-version of the “Gold Guide”, which outlines all key elements of training in Psychiatry, replacing the information that currently sits at the front of each curriculum.
  • Curricula documents – these outline the High-Level Outcomes, the Key Capability domains and the capabilities to be achieved by trainees across training.
  • Training and supplementary guides – these are guides to support the achievement of capabilities outlined in the curricula. The aim is for these to be trainee led.

Approval and implementation

We are due to receive approval of our curricula and subsequent documents in January 2021. At present, implementation is planned for August 2021, and a full transition plan will be made available after approval.

We are continuing to prepare for implementation, including updating Portfolio Online.

We plan to prepare a number of helpful resources, including webinars, videos and guidance, and are also planning to update the training pages on our website in preparation. Further updates on the curricula review are available on our curricula review webpage.

Liaison Psychiatry Credential

As mentioned above, we submitted a curriculum for our Liaison Psychiatry Credential (post-CCT). The GMC identified us as an early adopter in 2019, and we hope to receive approval in January 2021. Once approved, we will update on the next steps.

For any further queries regarding the curricula review, please contact our curricula team at or Dr John Russell, Associate Dean for Curricula at

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