Choose Psychiatry

Thousands of medical students and junior doctors have been exploring how to become a psychiatrist this month, thanks to our award winning Choose Psychiatry campaign.

Below you can catch up with some of the content the College team has created to highlight the benefits of a career in psychiatry.

Blog posts

The rich variety of settings in which psychiatrists work have been illustrated by our series of blogs during October.

First Dr Stania Kamara took us behind the scenes of the criminal justice system, as she explained some of the lesser known aspects of forensic psychiatry.

Next, Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Charlie Tweed and his two colleagues wrote an action-packed post which included tackling the Himalayas and helicopter evacuations.

The third blog post explained life in a large psychiatric hospital when you’re a trainee psychiatrist on call.

Short films

Our short films which illustrate the personal nature of the relationship between psychiatrists and their patients always play an important part in our Choose Psychiatry campaigns.

Catch up with the latest ones, which are set during the pandemic.


In our first Choose Psychiatry podcast, three doctors candidly discuss the highs and lows of psychiatry, including chickens on the ward, augmented reality and blowing your own trumpet.


So far this month, our Choose Psychiatry web pages have received over 30,000 visits, with the most popular subsection being 'How to be a psychiatrist', followed by 'What next?'.

After reading our information we want medical students and foundation doctors to sign up and become associate members of the College. Our ‘What next’ section where people can find out about signing up was viewed nearly 2,000 times in the first two weeks of the campaign.

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