Choose Psychiatry wins memcom’s integrated campaign of the year

At this year's memcom Membership Excellence Awards, the College was awarded Best Integrated Marketing or Membership Campaign for Choose Psychiatry, led by the Media team.

Choose Psychiatry was launched as the College’s first external digital marketing campaign in 2017. With a smallish budget from Health Education England (HEE) we were able to work with a creative company to help make an engaging and compelling video, plus additional advertising assets that have helped build the ‘brand’. We’ve always wanted it to be more than a slogan, it’s a movement to help create a change and position psychiatry as dynamic and forward-thinking. 

Although the campaign runs for six weeks we work with professional standards to help maintain grassroots engagement and we have a dedicated group of Choose Psychiatry ambassadors to ensure there are events, talks, and webinars spread throughout the year. We have now been recognised by MPs including Nadine Dorries and Norman Lamb and we have even been endorsed by Stephen Fry. 

We bang the drum for more psychiatrists with a hard-hitting news story and are grateful that our Dean; Kate Lovett is happy to get onto a BBC sofa or even appear down the line to remind all those who will listen why this is such an important issue.  Without psychiatrists, we cant provide the right help to the people who desperately need it.

And this year we’ve heard they’re needed more than ever.

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