RCPsych launches new patient resource on stopping antidepressants

Today we're launching a new patient resource which provides information to patients on carefully managing the process for stopping antidepressants.

The online resource, available free on the our website, has been endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and has been developed with input from multiple stakeholders and people with lived experience.

Antidepressants are an important treatment option for adults with moderate to severe depression, alongside, and in combination with, psychological therapies. However, we know that for some people, coming off antidepressants can lead to withdrawal symptoms. While these can vary in severity, from being mild and going away on their own, to severe and long lasting, we cannot yet predict who will get these symptoms.

Having published a position statement last year, we committed ourselves to producing information for patients who are currently taking, or considering taking, antidepressants. Our resource helps patients to understand the potential for experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and how these can be avoided or minimised. The resource also highlights the importance of shared-decision making and discussing any potential changes to medication with a GP or healthcare professional.

We hope this resource will help raise awareness of this issue, and support both medical professionals and patients alike.

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