Race equality roundtables

The RCPsych will today hold its second roundtable meeting on race equality, as part of a project to deliver a new Equality Action Plan promoting equality for College members, employees and healthcare staff, as well as patients and carers.

The second roundtable meeting, chaired by Presidential Lead on Race Equality Dr Lade Smith, took place on Thursday 24 September. 

It looked at ways the College can help promote race equality in mental health services.

The drive to deliver a new Equality Action Plan is the result of new President Dr Adrian James making equality and diversity one the priorities for his three-year term, which started on 1 July.

Last Friday, the College held its first roundtable meeting, which was chaired by the College’s other Presidential Lead on Race Equality Dr Raj Mohan. It looked at how race equality could be promoted within the College itself.

The virtual roundtable meetings will be open sessions and any members, patients or carers, who want to view the discussions, will be able to log in and watch.

The third roundtable meeting, on Thursday 1 October, starting at 12.30pm, will look at equality, in the round, at the College, and be chaired by the Chair of the College’s Rainbow Special Interest Group (SIG) Dr Maire Cooney.

The fourth and final roundtable, which will look at equality, in the round, in mental health services, will be held on Wednesday 7 October at 12pm and be chaired by either Dr Beena Rajkumar or Dr Ruth Reed, who are the Co-Chairs of the College’s Women in Mental Health Special Interest Group.

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