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Three people I met at Congress

The structure and environment of the Congress allowed for much conversation over coffee, in queues for food and around tables at the exhibitors stands and as such there were scores of interesting people whom I came across over the four days I was there.  In this blog I have highlighted three among those who stood out.

Dr Adrian Marsden

Dr Adrian Marsden, a CAMHS psychiatrist in the South of England was one of these who was sat at a sofa at the end of day one taking in the highs of the day. He quickly opened up about his love of psychiatry and chosen path into the specialty via general practice.

Between these roles however he channelled his energies into acting while working as a GP locum and training in psychiatry part-time. He would place himself where acting work was available which was mostly in London but also for a short time Bermuda.

He performed in ‘A Hundred Years of Enchantment’ at the Oval House in London in 1995 and then in television roles including ‘Call Red’, a helicopter drama produced by Meridian.

He told us how he tended to be cast in roles as a doctor including notably as a junior doctor working in a nursing home in ‘Staying Alive’. As he spent more and more time in acting roles as a doctor his imperative moved more towards the real-life practice of a doctor and hence CAMHS psychiatry and attendance at the Congress.

Dr Partha Choudhury

The next individual - Partha Choudhury - had written a book which has interestingly been reviewed on the College website recently by the Spirituality SIG.

This work grew out of the author’s hundreds of hours of individual psychotherapy with many patients with complex diagnoses and needs, when he was working at NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences) in India.

It is an extolling of humanistic psychotherapy (akin to Grounded Theory) where themes and patterns emerged from his caravanserai of clinical material. It is presented in a self-help format and incorporates the spiritual, material and cultural aspects of the person. I found it a refreshing approach to psychotherapy and pushing of conventional boundaries. It is available via the college website.

Dr Jacob Krzanowski

A quiet moment in The Mess allowed an encounter with Jacob Krzanowski, an ST5 trainee in SLaM, who told me about his roles at the College, at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) and in SLaM promoting sustainability and specifically green outdoor space.

He is involved in a jointly run national project where 8 trust sites have started up walking groups for inpatients based on current evidence-based best practice on the therapeutic benefits of walking in green space. This is in the evaluation stage currently and additionally aims to produce a how-to-guide for other units wanting to begin likewise.

He tells me that he is due to take up an OOPC (Out-Of-Programme career break) for the purpose of writing this up perhaps partly in the high mountains of the Himalayas. All in all there is certainly a plethora of interesting people in this field whom we should certainly celebrate.

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