College in Scotland welcomes Barron Review

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04 March 2021

Following the publication of the Independent Review into Forensic Mental Health Services (the Barron Review), the Chair of the RCPsych in Scotland's Forensic Faculty, Jo Brown, said:

"We at the College welcome the publication of the final report from this independent Review. It follows extensive consultation with a  wide range of organisations, lived experience representatives and our Forensic Faculty. We greatly appreciate the work of Derek Barron and Review team on producing what is a comprehensive set of recommendations.
"Chief among those is the need for a new national Forensic Mental Health Services NHS Board, and we support calls for this to be distinct and separate from The State Hospital. This is to ensure that it is seen as the authoritative body for regulating and ensuring the equitable provision of forensic mental health care for all in Scotland.
"In recognising it's positive proposals and ambitions, we would also urge that a dialogue take place with relevant partners, health boards, those with lived experience and those providing forensic mental health care around the transition to this new system. This needs to ensure that developments to improve forensic care currently underway continue, that there is a equitable transfer of resources that maintains current standards of care, and that we do not face a situation where forensic services are left under-invested by health boards while the integration to a national body takes place.
"We would also stress that the ambitions of these recommendations need to be matched by resourcing to get the best possible outcomes.
"The College welcomes the proposal that a high-secure care facility for women be set up by the end of this year. This is something the College has recognised as a necessity previously, and we would urge this work to commence as soon as possible.
"We would also urge for the review of adolescent care to take place as soon as is feasible, to ensure this population's needs are also met. The scope and ambition of the report is positively recognised and we would support discussions about how to enact the recommendations smoothly and efficiently while striving to keep patient-centred care at the highest standards."

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