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Madness to Mental Illness - Online Archives

Below is a list of documents referred to within the book Madness to Mental Illness: A History of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


   1. William Tuke (1732–1822)

   2. Robert Gardiner Hill (1811–1878)

   3.  John Conolly (1794–1866) (non-restraint)

   4. Samuel Hitch (1800–1881) (founder of the Association of Medical Officers of Asylums and  Hospitals for the Insane)

   5.  Shaftesbury, (1801–1885) (Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Seventh earl of Shaftesbury, with his  diary on his 50th birthday)

   6.  John Bucknill (1817–1897) (first editor of the Journal of Mental Science)

   7.  Daniel Hack Tuke (1817–1895)

   8.  Sir James Crichton-Browne (1840–1938) (the Wakefield Triangle)

   9.  Thomas Smith Clouston (1840–1915)

  10.  Conolly Norman (1852–1908)

  11. Henry Maudsley (1835–1918)

  12. Frederick Mott (1853–1926)

  13. Edward Mapother (1881–1940)

  14. Aubrey Lewis (1900–1975)

  15. Alexander Walk (1901–1982)

  16. Martin Roth (1917–2006)

Important legal cases of the 19th century

  17.   James Hadfield
  18.   Edward Oxford (law and insanity)
  19.   Daniel McNaughten (the McNaughten Rules)

Asylum practice

  20.   Patients’ views

  21.   Kilkenny and Ballinasloe district lunatic asylums

  22.   The penultimate medical superintendent (Dr J.E.S. Lloyd, 1901–1971)

  23.   Asylum dance

  24.   Asylum rules         a. Cardiff 1919

         b. London 1966

  25.  Association and College committees/structures

         a. Divisions

         b. Specialties

             i.   Standing committees and sections

             ii.   Forensic psychiatry

             iii.  Learning disability psychiatry

             iv.  Psychological therapies and psychoanalysis 

             v.   Child psychiatry

             vi.  Old age psychiatry

             vii. Substance misuse

         c. The College Research Unit today

  26.   Psychiatric stereotypes (Thomas Bewley’s presidential lecture)

Other archives

  27.   Question papers

          a. Nursing examination (1894)

          b. Gaskell Medal (1897)

  28.   Association and College rules and charters

  29.   Chairmen and presidents

  30.   Other officers

  31.   Presidential lectures (with dates and places of all annual general meetings)

  32.   Obituaries (with advice on how to read them)

  00.   Lectures and lecturers

  34.   Honorary Members and Fellows

  35.   Honorary Corresponding Members

  36.   Prizes and prize winners

  37.   Fellowships and scholarships

  38.   Other miscellaneous awards

  39.   The future of psychiatry, by Dr Thomas Bewley

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