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Questionnaire for CAMH services
The Quality Network for Community CAMHS (previously known as QINMAC) is considering how best to maintain and improve the support it offers to CAMH services. We would like to know which aspects of our programme are most important to potential members and how to make our services as accessible as possible.

We really appreciate you filling out this short questionnaire, to inform any changes we make to our programme in the future.

If you have any queries about completing this questionnaire, please feel free to contact the QNCC Project Team, on 0207 9776683.
Membership of QNCC:
1. Is your CAMH service:
  Currently a member of QNCC? (if so, please fill out our members' survey)  
  Previously a member of QNCC?  
  Never been a  member of QNCC?  
2. Are you aware of the programme offered by QNCC?
3. Which of the following would you find helpful to find out more information about QNCC?
  Website (www.rcpsych.ac.uk/communitycamhs)  
  Leaflet posted to CAMH service  
  Information emailed to team  
  Information emailed to trust management  
  Opportunity to talk to current members  
  Opportunity to attend QNCC conferences  
  Opportunity to participate in a QNCC peer review  
4. Please could you rate how useful you consider the following aspects of the QNCC programme would be:                                                                                              
  Having the QNCC standards to refer to  
  Completing  a QNCC self review with  your CAMHS team  
  Receiving a peer review visit from other CAMHS professionals  
  Sending members of staff to visit other services  
  Receiving a QNCC report to share with your service and wider organisation  
  Participating in  the accreditation process to meet standards  
  Achieving accredited status from the Royal College of Psychiatrists  
  Attending the annual forum and/or special interest days  
  Having access to the CAMHS email discussion forum  
  A quality mark gained through an online portfolio  
5. Do you think the current QNCC membership packages on offer represent value for money?
6. Would you prefer services to be reviewed on a team level or a trust level?
Thank you for completing this questionnaire

If you have any queries about this questionnaire, please contact the QNCC Project Team on    0207 977 6683
Link to http://www.snapsurveys.com/