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Data Protection Agreement

Data Protection Act 1998 Statement

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the College will process personal data ,or any part of it, (including any photograph), by any means, for the purpose of registering members associates psychiatric trainees and / or in pursuit of the College's objectives generally.

The College may transfer and release this data (or any part of it) to Officers, staff and committees of the College, for its ongoing administration and / or in the pursuit of its objectives generally. The personal data of trainees participating in the College's specialist training programme in Psychiatry may be disclosed to (i) assessors designated to carry out workplace based assessments (ii) the relevant educational supervisor (iii) the relevant tutor / training programme director / director of medical education (iv) the General Medical Council and (v) the Postgraduate Deanery/LETB. If the College engages a third party to provide services on behalf of the College, it may transfer and release personal data to that third party to the extent necessary to ensure the effective provision of those services.

This data (or any part of it) may also be disclosed on the College's website, including by way of lists of its members and associates, lists of speakers, attendees at its meetings / conferences, as part of its publication of examination results, by way of information on the authors of its publications, for the purposes of its newsletters and annual reviews, and / or for any other purposes related to its website or the College's objectives generally.

The College's Data Controller is the Chief Executive, and the nominated representative for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1988, is the Membership Manager.

If you have any comments on, or if you object to the terms of, this Statement, please contact the Director of Finance & Operations immediately.

All members and associates have a right to access the personal data which the College holds and which relates to them. To obtain a copy of such data (or any part of it), in the first instance, please contact the Information Governance & Constitutional Affairs Manager at the above e-mail address. The College is entitled to make a charge for the provision of such data (or any part of it).

Such personal data (or any part of it) may also be disclosed to third parties approved by the College, for the purposes of research, statistical analysis and related activities, within the field of psychiatry, in the pursuit of the College's objectives generally. Any such data (or any part of it) comprising home contact details or sensitive data (including data relating to health or race) will not be disclosed without prior consent.

If you do not wish such data (or any part of it) to be sent to such third parties, please contact the Director of Finance & Operations.

Your consent

By submitting your personal data, you consent to use of that data as set out in this statement. You should review the relevant section of the College's website regularly to note any changes as to how the College collects and uses personal data.

 Plain English

Plain English Version of Data Protection Statement

What will we do with the information you give us?

  1. It can be used by the College's staff and officers on a need to know basis in carrying out the College's work. Some details, such as your name, workplace and photograph, may be placed on the web site.
  2. Our policy is to pass on details to third parties only where this is necessary for carrying out the College's specialist training programme or for research projects and educational events which have individually been approved by the Registrar or to enable effective performance of any outsourcing contract which the College has entered into with a third party. If you do not want your details passed on to third parties please contact the Director of Finance & Operations.

This is a summary of the College's full statement regarding data protection which appears on the College's website

15 December 2016

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