Transition Timetable for Curricula Implementation 2022 - 2024

February 2022 Pilot (all new starter CT1s and ST4s)

All new starter CT1s and ST4s will be moved onto the new curricula for pilot testing as required by the GMC. 

Trainees will not be required to work against both the old and new curricula but only be required to meet the requirements for the new curricula as it will have been approved by the pilot stage.

The pilot's focus is to review and assess transition and the portfolio online system, all trainees and trainers on the pilot will be asked to complete brief surveys, give feedback for any issues or concerns and a select few will be invited to take part in a qualitative study. 

For trainees moving on to the new curriculum who would like more information on what the changes are to WPBAs, supervisor reports and PDP requirements, the RCPsych Welcome Events for Core Trainees and Specialty Trainees have been extended to include a seminar on what these changes are and what this means for you as an early adopter. 

RCPsych Specialty Trainees' Welcome Event

Date: 10 February 2022

Time: 2pm - 4pm


RCPsych Core Trainees' Welcome Event

Date: 17 February 2022

Time: 2pm - 4pm


Trainee Transition (beginning August 2022)

Trainees (full time or LTFT over 50%) who are entering either CT3 or ST6 at the time of implementation (August 2022) will remain on the current curricula. Trainees who are entering CT3 or ST6 on a February rotation in February 2023 will also remain on the current curricula.

ALL trainees (inclusive of LTFT) should transition upon progressing to the next training year and not in the middle of a training year. The GMC's mandated all trainees have transitioned on to the new curriculum by August 2024 , if there are concerns about any trainees (WTE or LTFT), we advise trainers and trainees to contact the College for individualised support for any trainees on the old curriculum with an extension that will take them past August 2024. 

Stage of Training*Required to Transfer?Latest start date of transfer**
CT1 (WTE & all LTFT)YesAugust 2022/February 2023
CT2 (WTE & all LTFT)YesAugust 2022/February 2023
CT3 (WTE only)NoN/A 
CT3 (LTFT 50 - 90%)No (Conditional)If required, by February 2024/August 2024
CT3 (LTFT under 50%)***Yes August 2022/February 2023
ST4 (WTE & all LTFT)Yes August 2022/February 2023
ST5 (WTE & all LTFT)YesAugust 2022/February 2023
ST6 (LTFT over 50%)No (Conditional)If required, by August 2024
ST6 (LFTF under 50%)***YesAugust 2022/February 2023
Out of Programme Conditional****February 2024/August 2024 
Maternity Leave Conditional****February 2024/August 2024


*Stage of training specifically refers to the stage the trainee is moving into. 

**Latest start date of transfer focuses specifically on those within standard August and February rotations, we understand and appreciate that some LTFT trainees transition outside of those rotations and trainees should not be transitioned onto the new curricula outside of a rotational move to their next training year. 

***Trainees at key transition stages (CT3 and ST6) who are LTFT under 50% are unlikely to complete that stage of training by August 2024, so we advise that they are transitioned as they move into ST6 to prevent possible requirements to move onto the new curricula mid-training year. Please contact the College to have exceptions considered for specific trainees.

****Whether trainees out of programme due to maternity leave or OOP are required to transition is dependent on their stage of training upon their return and whether it is thought by supervisors that they will have completed the relevant stage of training by August 2024. As above, for any specific concerns please contact the College for clarifications for specific trainees. 

CESR Applicants

Due to GMC altering their CESR transition policy, CESR applicants are able to apply for CESR under the previous curriculum for a maximum of 12 months after the curricula has been approved.

Between January 2022 and January 2023 applicants will be able to apply under the psychiatric curricula of 2019 OR under the newly approved psychiatric curricula.

After 31st January 2023 the current curricula will no longer be available to apply under and all applicants are expected to apply under the requirements of the new curricula. If applicants require specific support with translating their previous evidence under the new curricula they are advised to contact the College for specific advice on their circumstances.